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EUROMISTO is a "city within a city" where technological progress fits perfectly with coziness, comfort, and a sense of a home for every resident. The complex would not have emerged without the creativity and desire to create not only a new address on the map, but also the right place for a full-fledged and happy life.
SAVO INTERNATIONAL has taken into account all real and possible human needs: from the comfortable layout of apartments, ecological materials and landscaped territory to a well-developed infrastructure that allows you to take care of your health and beauty and organize your leisure time without leaving the complex.

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08136, Vyshneve (Kryukivshchyna), street Zhulyanska 1A

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Gallery of the complex

Every detail has been taken care of here, from the quiet “OTIS” lifts and ramps that make it easy for wheelchair users to lift, to special animal care bins, automatic lighting at the entrances, impeccably maintained green areas for walks and even its own miniature Eiffel tower.


Design and

The architectural and landscape concept of the „EUROMISTO“ complex differs significantly from other projects of this type. The well-maintained and beautifully landscaped area creates a unique impression of comfort and coziness.

„EUROMISTO“ projects have been created taking into account the individual wishes of the residents and not forgetting fashion trends at the same time. Here you will find a practical and functional exterior, rationally designed apartments and high-quality exterior finishing. SAVO INTERNATIONAL has implemented a unique and exclusive concept and created safe engineering communications for all future residents of this complex.


Our project combines many principles, cultures and standards that create a comfortable life in a difficult organism - the EUROMISTO residential complex:

  • a long international experience;
  • a material and technical base and an architecture and design department;
  • has a well-developed internal infrastructure;
  • has an ergonomic layout of the apartments, exploiting every inch of usable space;
  • has energy-saving technologies and materials used in home construction.


EUROMISTO residential complex is located in one of the most promising suburban areas, with a convenient geographical location and developed connections to Kiev: just 5-10 minutes to the capital, 15 minutes to Sevastopol Square, 15 minutes to Teremki Metro Station and 30-40 minutes to Christchikiko.
Now everything you need for a comfortable life can be reached on foot, and the quantity and quality of services and goods does not differ from other areas of the capital.


In total, the EUROMISTO residential complex has more than 70 objects of trade, household and social services for the convenience of residents. Without leaving the territory of the complex, residents can receive all social, household, banking and postal services, legal advices, as well as buy everything they need.

SAVO INTERNATIONAL took into account all the real and possible needs of the residents and developed its own infrastructure in the EUROMISTO residential complex:

Location object
on transport
To Kyiv

5-10 min.

to the metro "Teremki"

15 min.

to Sevastopol Square

15 min.

to Khreshchatyk

30-40 min.