Residential complex

European city II

EUROMISTO 2 residential complex - European living standards in a cozy and comfortable suburb:

  • Architectural concept of BAUST studio, modern layout, no visual noises.
  • Everything you need for a happy childhood and rest with your family is provided, and there are barrier-free spaces throughout the complex for parents carrying their babies in strollers.
  • The unique concept of the "city within a city" is a separate universe but within easy reach.
  • Developed district, located near the capital with a rapidly growing infrastructure.

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Visualization of the complex

Visualization of the complex

Visualization of the complex



EUROMISTO 2 is equivalent to a modern European city. The project of the BAUST ARCHITECTS architectural office blends harmoniously into the environment and at the same time stands out in district background.

The front of the building combines three different materials: metal, plaster and flexible clinker. In order to visually reduce the number of floors, the facade is divided into two parts. This solution will make people feel more comfortable and the architecture easier to understand.

On the first floors, where there is considerable movement, the architects provided space for signs and air-conditioning and ventilation equipment in each apartment to eliminate visual noise and maintain the aesthetic appearance of the facade. EUROMISTO 2 is surrounded by modern architecture and aesthetics.


The guarantee of a good result - a reliable partners and sturdy cooperation!

With a strong focus on construction, the developer of the SAVO INTERNATIONAL complex boldly implements advanced construction ideas and ensures a new level of quality of life.

Thanks to the long-term experience of contractors in implementing international projects, EUROMISTO 2 will become a modern home for everyone valuing a comfortable lifestyle.

Construction and finishing

If you choose to live in Kriukivščina, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the suburbs, but you will no need to give up your free time:

  • The settlement is located just 15 minutes away from Kiev.
  • To the recreation park, water sports, fishing spots in the lakes VERKHNE, KUPEL, KRYUCHOK - about 8 minutes.
  • The karting center you will reach in about 9 minutes.
  • The Shevchenko National Opera and Ballet Theater of Ukraine is about a 21-minute drive away.
  • GOLOSEEVSKI National Park is about 25 minutes away.
  • You can reach the aerodrome and sports complex in about 25 minutes.

Service and operation

We are not only building housing, but also ensure the life of the entire complex, while creating this project. The concept of "city within a city":

  • Compactness. On the first floors of the residential complex there are all the necessary institutions, a dental clinic and shops.
  • Quality of life. If you have an unexpected visit from your friends or want to have dinner after work - the restaurant is located right next to you.
  • Healthy lifestyle all year round - gym and swimming pool just steps away.
  • Every woman's dream is a beauty salon right next the door.
  • Security. The residential complex has a video surveillance system and is guarded 24 hours a day. Your family and home are completely safe.
  • Comfort. The complex has a fully formed garden.

Location object
on transport
To Kyiv

5-10 min.

to the metro "Teremki"

15 min.

to Sevastopol Square

15 min.

to Khreshchatyk

30-40 min.