Safety and security service SAVOYA Security

Safety is one of the main components of a comfortable life. SAVOYA Security is a service of a comprehensive security system. It functions in “Evropeiske misto” (“European city”) residential complex, but also can scale to other projects. SAVOYA Security working 24/7 ensures that everyone feels fully protected from external malicious factors.

SAVOYA Security provides such services:

  • Object protection of offices, apartments, commercial enterprises, etc.
  • Protection of construction sites
  • 24/7 territory protection
  • Video Surveillance

SAVOYA Security provides every resident with consistent protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and gives the confidence that your home is truly your fortress.
Technical equipping of security points for controlling and regulating a pass control.

Control of entry and exit of vehicles, also with the help of a modern system of a car number plate identification named “Nomerok”.

Prevention of violations of public order according to the Legislation of Ukraine and residential complex rules.