Safety and security service SAVOYA Security

Safety is one of the main elements of a comfortable life. SAVOYA Security is a service of a complex security system. It functions in `European City` residential complex as well, also having an opportunity to scale to other projects. SAVOYA Project takes care of everyone feeling absolute safety from exterior intimidating factors 24 hours.

SAVOYA Security provides the services of:

  • Object guarding of offices, apartments, commercial enterprises etc.
  • Guarding construction sites
  • Patrolling the territory 24 hours
  • Video surveillance

SAVOYA Security provides every inhabitant with consistent security 24 hours a day 7 days a week and gives you confidence that your home is really your fortress.
Technical equipping of security points for controlling and regulating a pass control.

The control of entry and exit of the vehicles, in particular, with the help of a modern system of a car number plate identification named `Nomerok`.

Preventing a breakdown in civil order according to the Legislation of Ukraine in force and the rules of residing in the complex.