Residential Complex „Lucky Homes“

Lucky Homes Residential Complex

Lucky Homes is a SAVO Group project in Vilnius. We have built a complex featuring everything you need for a comfortable, eco-friendly and cozy life: proximity to the city center, energy-efficient heat-conducting eco-materials, stylish architectural solutions and green spaces throughout the complex.

Lucky Homes is:

  • Modern ventilation system
  • Alternative heating source
  • Natural finishing materials
  • 15 minutes away from the main business centers
  • Incredible views from the windows
  • Proximity to the historic part of Vilnius

Great attention has been given to all details of the complex; apt zoning of the area provides the necessary comfort for urban life, while rational and modern layout of apartments will satisfy even the most demanding clients.

We do everything to make sure that when buying a home, the investor has confidence in the quality of construction.