Kindergarten Clever kids

Clever Kids is a network of educational institutions consisting of Clever Kids private kindergarten and elementary school in Obolon, as well as Clevel Kids eco-school and garden in the elite suburban complex ‘Riviera Villas’.
The Learning System in Clever Kids is based on the synthesis of world best practices in the field of early development, including Maria Montessori pedagogy and the system of applied learning STEAM (Science · Technology · Engineering · Art · Math). Personalized learning with an individual curriculum for each child is also based on the principles of positive teaching and takes into account the level of emotional intelligence of students.

‘Clever Kids’ kindergarten means:

  • Own building and closed territory
  • Five times a day meals. Possibility to choose different diets.
  • A healthy sleep on environmentally friendly materials at optimal air temperature and applying humidifiers when necessary.
  • Medical supervision. Morning health check of children. Monthly consultation with a doctor from the medical center Medikom.
  • Security. Video surveillance. Entry to the territory is possible only by registered electronic cards.

Positive and inspiring environment stimulates cognitive activity of the child and encourages them to explore the world.
Children study in mixed-age classes without division into grown-ups and little ones, weak and strong. Children work together on solving different problems, developing the skills of working in a team, making independent decisions and communicating effectively with other children.

Clever Kids extra classes help children reveal their new talents and save time and efforts usually spent on the road, because everything that is needed for a child’s comprehensive development is already put together under one roof.

Clever Kids educational complexes have state license. Younger students can continue their studies at any other general educational establishment in Ukraine or abroad.