Family restaurant Flame

When SAVO Group experts started to develop the concept of a new restaurant, the set priorities were healthy lifestyle and family values. As a result, an absolutely new ground-breaking alcohol-free steakhouse appeared first time in Ukraine.

Flame means:

  • Family-oriented values
  • Unique alcohol-free concept
  • Original approach to dishes
  • Welcoming service
  • Interactive kids` nurseries
  • Lactation room
  • Sophisticated design
  • Informal atmosphere of comfort

Flame is a place for family leisure. Here you will have a juicy steak from American meat served with a glass of wine without a grade. SAVO Group is responsible for an uncompromised quality in everything: meat in the restaurant must have corresponding quality certificates, and import from the USA has been accredited to `Siomyi Kontynent` company, a reliable partner with many years of experience.
Farm fruits and vegetables, first rate meat and exclusively fresh fish and seafood – Flame cares about taste as well as about quality. It is great pleasure to spend evenings dining with cherished people, celebrate romantic anniversaries and enjoy life accompanied by sophisticated dishes of the chief cook.

A cozy hall, a light skyline terrace and a spacious kids zone – in Flame everyone can find their favourite table. The restaurant was created not only for the sake of dishes of haute cuisine: live music, unusual workshops and family events – one can have fun and relax the mind here.
There are charity events consistently carried out in the restaurant. `Life Menu` is an event involving Ukrainian stars, which helped to raise the money to buy equipment for a children`s unit in Romadanov Neurosurgery Institute. `Chief Battle` is a common project with the `Hivi Rubinstein` restaurant, the costs of which are passed to `Tabletochki` charity fund by Flame.
Interesting activities for children and their parents, bright events and meetings with celebrities – it is never boring in Flame!