European Service Company ESC

Not only to create, but also to maintain, develop and lead to new heights of quality and comfort – while building the residential complex, SAVO Group is responsible for all areas of its life. Therefore, in order to fully control the quality of services provided and to guarantee every resident a timely solution to their problems, European Service Company was created.

Among the set of services ESC provides, there are installation and replacement of:

  • heating radiators
  • water supply and drainage risers
  • vent pipes in the apartment
  • plumbing
  • installation and connection of home appliances

ESC is a team of qualified experts who care about the comfort of every resident of “Evropeiske misto” (“European City”) residential complex. When purchasing a home from SAVO Group, you become the owner not only of the apartment, but also of the whole set of services provided by European Service Company. The team of professionals takes care and looks after the tidiness of rest areas, children’s and sports grounds. They make repair works and provide quick assistance at the request of every resident.

The whole set of housing and communal services falls within the competence of European Service Company.