Residential complex «Evromisto»

“Evromisto” residential complex is the main project of SAVO Group company. We created a city in the city that aims at the most inventive requests and combines modernity with comfort, coziness and feeling of home for every resident. In “Evromisto” residential complex SAVO Group used a comprehensive approach to take into account all real and possible human needs such as: convenient apartment layout, eco-friendly energy saving materials, well-kept territory, extensive infrastructure.

“Evromisto” residential complex means:

  • Own service company
  • Closed territory with 24/7 security
  • Free parking lots
  • Comfortable space for you and your family
  • Convenient connection with the capital: 15 minutes to Teremky subway station, 20 minutes to the central districts

The complex has everything modern person can’t imagine their life without: well-kept leisure zones, kids and sports grounds, green areas, stores, restaurants, fitness clubs, dental clinics, beauty studios and more.

Every detail is taken care of: quiet elevators, wheelchair ramps, pet waste bins, automatic lighting in the hallways, flawlessly clean green areas for walks and even a miniature copy of the Eiffel Tower.