Beauty salon Yellow

SAVO Group provides the residents of the complex not only with comfort, but also with other amenities necessary for a modern person. That’s why “Yellow” beauty studio was created in “Evropeiske misto” (“European city”) residential complex. High-quality impeccable service and providing a full range of procedures to improve the appearance are the main concepts of the studio. We plan to develop this approach in the new SAVO Group residential complexes.

Main Principles of “Yellow”:

  • Safety – after cleaning and disinfection each tool is placed in an individual sealed package.
  • The most modern equipment and only quality certified cosmetics.
  • Warranty card for services to leave every customer satisfied.
  • A team of professionals who are aware of the latest trends in the beauty industry.

“Yellow” is a world of beauty where every client is treated with love and care. Flawless haircuts, hair coloring and nail care, delicate facial and body care – a truly professional team works here.

High quality materials, tools and equipment of the world brands of the USA and Europe, internationally certified, help to achieve the highest quality results, while the skills and experience of the team makes the most creative ideas real.

“Yellow” cares about health and safety of the customers: all tools, work surfaces and rooms undergo thorough disinfection and competent sterilization.